Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Traditional New Year dish


Like Christmas in Norway, for many people new year is a family-gathering event in Japan.
Traditional Japanese new year dish is an important part of this occasion.
Probably you´ve heard of `O-mochi (sticky rice cake)´ that sends quite a few people to hospital every new year days because they clog the throat with the o-mochi?  It´s my husband´s favourite story when he explains about this sticky substance!
But it´s very tasty and I don´t know anyone who dislike it in Japan!

Recently I was a little tired of baking all the `julekaker´ (Although I love them a lot and am quite good at it!)
Then I suddenly come up with an idea to make a Japanese new year dish for family and fiends BEFORE Christmas.
I didn´t whether it´s possible to make traditional Japanese dishes in Norway, but here we go, this is the result and I´m very satisfied.  Except kuromame (cooked black beans) and thick konbu (kelp), I obtained the ingredients in Oslo.  So year 2015 I´d like to update all the recipes if someone wants to try.

They will be delivered to my dear friends.
Hope they enjoyed them :-)

I wish you a great holiday season and a happy new year!
God jul og godt nyttår!