Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Cooked minced chicken with rice in lunch box


Minced chicken meat cooked in sake, soya & sugar is a classic topping on white steamed rice.
With scrambled egg and cooked green vegetable a Japanese tricolour lunch box is ready to go!

Serves 4

200g minced chicken meat
1/2dl sake
2ss sugar
2ss soya sauce
1/2ts grated ginger

4 eggs, lightly beaten
1ss sugar
1 pinch of salt 

50g green beans

4 bowls (ca. 500g) cooked rice

1 Cook the chicken meat, sake and 2ss sugar in a pan.
Stir constantly by using 4-5 chopsticks.
Add the soya sauce and ginger then simmer further until the meat is well cooked.

2 Make scrambled egg.  Add 1ss sugar to lightly beaten eggs then cook.
Stir constantly by using 4-5 chopsticks.

3 Boil the beans in lightly salted water until just tender (ca. 2 mins).
Drain and cool under cold running water.
Cut in 0.5cm length.

4 Divide the rice among 4 lunch boxes (or rice bowls, if you prefer),
and top each with the chicken, scrambled egg and green beans.

Sweet-vinegared ginger goes very well this dish.

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